Season of Change

All this year, our theme for Religious Life centers on change. This week, we welcome a wonderful change: the transition from summer’s humid, wet kiss to autumn’s crisp peck on the cheek. From our mountain vantage, the movement from summer to autumn astounds. Some seasons of change are dramatic and, almost, unexpected, while other seasons of change arrive slowly and move past in anticipated rhythm. Such marked change invariably prompts self-reflection and examination, as we consider what we have just accomplished and what is immediately before us. This week, we welcome Dr. Walter Kimbrough to peach during a special chapel service held in the new Recreation Center. During that service, Dr. Kimbrough will reflect on our timely theme, “season of change.” Join us as we consider how our lives are marked by many seasons and the possibilities for love of God and love of neighbor present in each.

Enjoy your week, the poem, and autumn’s advent.

Richard Francis Towndrow


I think Earth’s glory consummates today,
And, like a gift, upon her altar lies:

There falls the flame-shaft on the sacrifice,

A sight to dream of when the heavens are grey.

The Swallow-armies still their flight delay

And form in broken lines. Approving skies

O’er-arch the splendour of these nameless dyes,

Sun-mingled–Earth’s last effortless display.

A sight to dream of; to fulfil desire;

Seen, life’s assured possession: Earth reveals,

Once in the perfect circle of the year,

Herself in passion and when gloom is here,

Or Winter’s shroud across her bosom steals,

We know, beneath, she has a heart of fire.


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