Movement of Change

This week in chapel, we celebrate another induction of our scholars into the national honors society, Phi Theta Kappa. In recognizing what these students have done, we, also, anticipate who they will become . . . trusting that the education gained in this place will focus their lives, enabling their coalescence into who(se) they are called to be. May all of us be so focused, granting purpose and vision for our unique service of each other and God’s world. It is difficult to overstate the potency of change’s new servants education might bring, if we embrace that waiting destiny.

“Focus” by Michael O’Siadhail

Our hurried need to flare and blaze both ends.
How slowly we’d grow, option by tiny option.
Catch us again, now that fifth decade bends
Our live-in dreams, a jet of steadied vision.
Maybe I’ve learned to fear the sweeping chorus:
The masses, the system. Something cuts deeper.
Remember how young compassion first moved us:
A solo beseeching face calling me its keeper?
I reach across those years to re-focus a dream
Throwing its light again as our chorus fades;
My cupped hands sheltering the glow of a flame,
I see now in those eyes where their story leads.
Each life is thickening into its own fabric.
Every face so utterly itself. Alone. Unique.


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