(re)Imagine Change

ImageAs the calendar slides from summer to autumn, our thoughts gently shift from beach holidays and ice cream cones to harvest festivals and pumpkin pie, from verdant meadows to burnt umber and ocher mountainsides.

The change in seasons naturally hints at the change in life required by faith and compelled by education.  Appropriately, this week’s iChapel celebrates the advancing change of leaves as but a reminder that our life in this collegiate community expects deep and expansive change in our life together and us.

To mark all these changes, I offer this seasonally apropos poem.


Have a great week and see you along the way.

“Autumn–The Fall of the Leaf”

by S. Moore

Sylvan shades and fairy bowers,

Summer’s lovely meadows green,

Dewy dawns and eves serene,

Balmy air and pretty flowers,–

All these sweets will soon be gone,

Fading, dying one by one.


Nature passes on to death,

Warning us of winter’s chill—

Autumn breathes a colder breath,

Beautiful in dying still,–

Cheeks aglowing in decay,

Blushing as they fade away.  


Could there be a grander sight,

Than our forests’ rainbow tints,

Glancing, changing in the light,

Surely death cannot be grief,

Fairer far than colour’d prints,–

To that rosy maple leaf.  


Emblem of my fleeting days,

Verdant, change, frail and brief,–

O! that as my strength decays,

I may show the maple leaf—

Fair in every passing stage,

Still more beautiful in age.


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