Miraculous Endurance

As we enter another exam season, with senses, stamina, attention, and brain-cells pressed to their very limits, I am reminded that this season of the year is filled with memories of persevering endurance.  Press forward into the headwinds of time, assignments, responsibilities, notes, labs, papers, and exams for just a few more days.candle at end

In the midst of it all, peace!

“Eight Days”

Eight days the light continued on its own:

A miracle, they say, but not more so

Than ordinary lives of flesh and bone,

Consuming wicks burned ashen long ago.

Within there is a mystic lake of fire,

Fuelless energy, power uncelled,

Unmeasured fount of obstinate desire,

Hope burning, where no hope was ever held.

Invisible source of all that’s seen or seeing,

Unseen light that animates the void;

Unlit spark of indivisible Being,

Shard of One that cannot be destroyed:

To be so vast a miracle till death

Is why we struggle fiercely for each breath.



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