A Wet Winter’s Day

On theGround Hog day that Punxsutawney Phil caught a glimpse of his shadow, “guaranteeing” six more weeks of winter, it seems seasonally appropriate to offer a winter themed iChapel. 

Flowing from deep Teutonic springs, Groundhog Day is that moment when we rely upon the mercurial disposition of a land-beaver to predict the remaining length of winter.  While playful yet puzzling, our attending to this annual ritual of watching a groundhog dart in and out of a hole speaks to our lingering and latent desire to move from darkness to light, from the old to the new, from the chill of winter to the warming beams of spring.  As today’s brooding and dripping clouds remind us, this dark season is certainly in control.  But, as Phil’s prediction attests, winter’s reign is but for a season, a season shortening by the day.

To honor winter’s presence while, also, looking forward to spring, I offer this poetic reflection on this season.  Enjoy the poem by Matthew Holloway, keep warm, and share with me a hope for the coming of spring, a hope that lengthens with each day’s gentle celestial turn.

Peace and see you along the way.

“Ode to winter”

Ode, ode to the winter
What music plays to sonnet
While a world drifts to sleep
Leaves curl and flowers bow
Birds take flight to a further place
A touch of frost creeps in
Stealing the landscape of its colour
Soon all shall be held motionless
In the still of a winters season
Now in all its changing
The beauty and perfection of life
Is left open to be witnessed
Savoured by the eye of an artist
To feed the soul, nourish the heart
This melancholy season
This changing landscape
What beauty it reveals
In an ode to the winter 



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