rest-areaPressed by the inexorable turning of the calendar, this weekend marked the exchange of one month with the next, inching us closer to the poorly named “spring break” that is to begin at the end of this academic week.  In anticipation of this coming break and the possibilities a time of renewal, rest, retreat, reunion, and responsibility brings, I offer these reflective thoughts from poet Billy Cattey.  Particularly, I think of how these reflections and a week of shared work and intellectual exposure provides those who are attending one of the college’s several service, cultural, and conferencing trips next week.  Such trips present an opportunity to change the world and to be changed.

Enjoy the poem, anticipate the break, and have a wonderful week.

See you along the way.

“What Is Happening to Me?”

Just beyond my reach

Is something I should know.

The quiet whispering of new senses

Murmur in the back of my head.


There is something important out there.

Comprehended only in fragments,

It speaks of profound mystery,

And suggests resolutions.


Like a blind man learning to see,

I am presented with random patterns

That convey new knowledge

When put together properly.


Stumbling about in the dark,

I should be able to find my way.

The information is all there,

But I do not yet know how to use it.


Across an abyss of unknown,

I feel a new bridge under construction.

When will it be finished?

How soon may I cross?


When that time comes

I will plainly understand

Things that existed outside of me,

Things that I could only guess about before.


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