Generation(s) of Endurance

yodaAnd not only that, but we also boast in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance,  and endurance produces character, and character produces hope . . . .

—Romans 5:3-4

Well, we have reached that time of the year, again, where endurance seems to trump knowledge.  Platitudes like “hang in there” and “push through” and “buckle down” slip past our lips and populate Facebook posts.  To add to the platitudinal whirl, I offer my own, bearing a hope for something more:  Keep focused so that what you plant is lodged deep in the soil of your mind, taking root in your soul to endure for a lifetime.

For some encouragement, enjoy this poem from one of YHC’s own, Byron Herbert Reece, recalling that generations of scholars have sat in your same anxiety-riddle seats, filling similar stress-strapped shoes.  They made it out of this valley.

Read Reece’s poem, study well, and “hang in there.”

Peace, much peace.

“The Generations of Thought”

By Byron Herbert Reece

The young tree’s reaching root
Spreads from the fallen fruit,
Golden and shaped like day
Before it knew decay.

The infant life, the child
Hopeful and undefiled
Springs from the unity
Love makes of two that die.

And though we guess not how
Thought thrives behind the brow.

The tree and child, who press
Onward to nothingness,
Scatter their seed and mate;
Themselves perpetuate.

And the generations of thought
That know not root nor sire
Nor seed nor even desire
Prosper and perish not.


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